Who We Are

I became passionate about design when I moved into my first home and started nesting. Oh boy, did I nest! My husband could not keep up with my frenzied design ideas. We created a home that was an elegant, comfortable, sanctuary from the hectic world (all on our limited budget). Each move we made to a new home, I was ecstatic to create spaces that were heaven on earth. My career began when I had a buyer for one of our homes asked me, “Who was your Interior Designer?” That was my light bulb moment; I went back to school and got a degree in design. I had such a blast. After graduating I soon started Mansfield Fine Design. Mansfield is my maiden name and since I love beautiful spaces I thought “Fine” would project the image of elegance and high expectations I will put in the designs for you.

As the principal designer, my extensive travel and life experiences reflect in my artistic stylish designs and functional spaces. I love and specialize in solving your design challenges to articulate your family’s story.

I have an experienced team of licensed and bonded craftsman. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and integrity. We have clients throughout the northern Virginia and DC metro area. Our varied projects have included everything from functional interior home design to the elegance of a Presidential Inaugural Ball.

Call me, at 703.606.4600. I will ensure a cohesive home that is fresh, stylish and yours.

Keeta Hammond